Christina Goldschmidt

Head of Product Design, Etsy

Christina is an award-winning thought leader in UX and customer experience design with a background in anthropology and design thinking. She leverages her expertise in customer and employee behavior – including the gig economy – to drive digital innovation to solve complex problems and also build and lead great teams. She brings 20+ years of digital experience across industries including management consulting, hospitality, financial services, insurance, legal, healthcare, advertising, media, technology start-ups and e-commerce and is the current Head of Product Design at Etsy.

Jackson Wang


With over 26 years of professional and executive design management knowledge and experience across USA, China and APAC, Jackson is a proven expert in visual communication, cognitive-based design and seamless consumer to user to shopper experience. He has culminated integrative design mastery in FMCG, Fashion, Automotive and Beauty industry; global companies and brands such as Hallmark, Neiman Marcus, Ford Motor Company, Procter & Gamble and L’Oreal. Jackson’s capabilities and achievements are not merely limited to the exercise of visual or style, rather it is an amalgamation of innovative design solutions and resourceful co-creation. Jackson is currently Vice President of Retail Design for L’Oreal, based in New York City.


Co-Founder, Biglight

Steve is Co-founder of Biglight, the retail experience design agency. Biglight helps brands shape and deliver digital transformation strategies that are rooted in a profound understanding of customer needs. Biglight's clients include Adidas, ASDA, Boden, Eurostar, Halfords, M&S, The North Face, Timberland and Vans. From 1999-2004 Steve was at Dixons Group where he held a number of senior roles, before becoming Director of Advertising and Direct Businesses.

Joe Leech

Product Coach (ex-eBay)

Joe coaches product teams & execs at big organisations and start ups to help them build the right things in the right order for the right reasons. A recovering neuroscientist, then a spell as an elementary school teacher, Joe started his UX & product career 15 years ago. He has worked with big organisations like MoMA, Trainline, Disney, eBay and Marriott as well as helping to supercharge high growth businesses and startup. He is also a director and shareholder for small portfolio of startups.

Warren Nugent

UX Design Manager, Emirates

Warren Nugent is a design & product leader with over a decade of know-how in user-centered design, digital interfaces and orchestrating high-performing design teams. Currently based in Dubai working for Emirates as a UX Design Manager you can find him leading and managing a large growing UX & product design team delivering amazing experiences for one of the world’s largest airlines. Whilst currently in the travel & leisure sector Warren also has a strong eCommerce background particularly encompassing the luxury & boutique fashion industry.

Ube Urban

Director of CX (UX Strategies), AT&T

Ube is driven to develop the next generation of designers and use his experience to inspire and unite teams with a shared purpose. He employs design methods to address real business challenges; be it business strategy, change management, or cultural development; Focusing on the strengths of individuals, his teams grow to challenge each other with a shared purpose. While striving to predict the shifting digital landscape of our modern consumers' lifestyles and responsibilities. He has found success by revealing customer insights and introducing innovative concepts and high-quality solutions that real people use.

Stacy All

Senior Director of Design, SurveyMonkey (ex-Walmart)

Stacy is Senior Director of Design at SurveyMonkey, responsible for the core survey experiences. Prior to SurveyMonkey Stacy worked as a design leader at Walmart in various capacities, including launching an ecosystem of app features that facilitated store shopping. She’s worked at companies big (Yahoo!) and small (a social shopping start-up), and spent time as a consultant with agencies. In her spare time, she’s a foodie, a movie junkie, and cat lady.

Amy Thibodeau

Director of User Experience, Shopify

Amy Thibodeau is a Director of User Experience at Shopify where she leads design, research, content design, and UX development for the Store Management team. In earlier iterations of her life she was one of the first members of Facebook’s now gigantic content strategy team, she renovated an old house in the south of France, worked in art museums, and traveled around the world for a year. Amy lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband Dan and two small dogs Augustus and Eleanor.

Roy Stanfield

Principal Product Designer, Shopify

Roy is a Principal UX Designer at Shopify with fifteen years of experience designing products and design systems for marketplaces like Etsy and Airbnb.

Elizabeth McGuane

Senior User Experience Manager, Shopify

Elizabeth McGuane is a Senior User Experience Manager at Shopify where she leads UX on the Ecosystem team. Before that, she was Content Design Lead at Intercom. She started out in print journalism back in the day, before starting her UX career in 2007. Born in Ireland, Elizabeth now lives in Ontario, Canada.

Alistair Lane

Design Manager, Shopify

Alistair is a Design Manager on the product design language team at Shopify. Over the last 7 years at Shopify, he’s worked across the company on marketing, product, and experimental teams. Prior to that, Alistair lived in Edinburgh for a little over 10 years where he studied and then worked at various design agencies.

Sara Portell

Senior UX Research Manager, Shopify

Sara is currently leading User Research for international markets at Shopify. Previously, she worked at HomeAway/ VRBO (Expedia group) for 8 years, where she was leading international research and localization programs across EMEA, APAC and South America.

Alison Colby

Associate Director of Product Design at Wayfair

Alison Colby is Associate Director of Product Design at Wayfair, where she builds and leads teams to design the ways you love to shop for your home. With over a decade in e-commerce design and lifestyle brands, she’s worked with Motorola, Crocs, Domino’s, Victoria’s Secret, and PINK. At Wayfair, she leads cross-disciplinary design teams who deliver “nuance at scale”: Highly tailored shopping journeys for customers shopping distinctly by geography, style preference, B2C/B2B, and data science-powered product assortment. She also loves hiking with her pit-mix pup and doing Zoom life drawing sessions.

Katie Lawler

Senior User Experience Designer, Kohl’s Department Stores

Over the last 15 years, Katie has held various design roles in the retail and travel industries. She is currently a Senior User Experience Designer for Kohl’s Department Stores, where her passion for human-centered design and attention to detail aid in the successful creation of a variety of digital products. She takes a strategic approach to solving for customer’s concerns while also meeting business needs. When she’s not working, she enjoys baking, reading, and planning her next family vacation - probably to Disney World.

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